Educating Brighton

In partnership with the University of Brighton, I was hired as a designer and developer to create a virtual online education platform. The the concept was an online town, each person with a different medical or social problem for nursing students to use as case studies in class.


Case studies allow the students to read through the situations and analyse the people involed.


Love thy neighbor

To build a virtual town, I first had to illustrate every person and building in the town. With over 20 buildings and 40 people, I created a set style which allowed me to easily add case studies to the village.

Brighton4 Brighton5 Brighton6

Each person was given a full backstory and family that linked the whole village together


Street view allowed nurses to scroll through all the houses, go in and explore the case studies in that building.

Pearsons educations book

New age learning

I have always enjoyed learning new skills, having self-taught myself web development and design before university. This project with Pearsons was an exciting challenge which involved creating a concept and visual language that would re-engage adults in learning and open up new job opportunities.

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