Hashtag Blabbermouth

Blab was my final project at university. I wanted to create a solution to help people struggling with hearing impairments. The final solution was to explore the creation of a new app/plugin along with a brand used to reduce stigma.

Bring it to life

The first step was to identify my target audience and address the issue of stigmas. In discussion with young people, I decided to focus on establishing a branding system that allowed for a large amount of customisation and variation while remaining consistent and proud.

Blab examle monster Blab exmaple illustration breakdown Blab peter grundy inspired illustration Blab group shot Blab Setup screens

Example of the set up screen used to install the app

Standing out

Once I had the characters for the brand identity, I wanted to explore how this would look in real-life applications such as window displays.

Blab window display Blab presentation blocks

Building blocks used to create your own monster

Blab group shot

Reaching new clients

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