Rolling the dice

As part of D&AD New Blood Awards, I chose to enter the competition to design and build my own board game. My final solution was a four-player racing game based in New York City.

Sticking to the fast lane

The challenge was to re-envision an old game for a new generation. My choice was to go with the oldest board game known to man, originally a two-player race called the Royal game of UR first played in the early third millennium BC. I decided to create a new identity and increase the amount of players.

Rush2 Rush

Using a pattern, I was able to imitate the busy and traffic-filled streets of New York city

A new kind of printing

To create my board game, I had to use 3D software to 3D print all the small cards needed throughout the board game.

Rush5 Rush6 Rush7 Rush8

Educating Brighton

In partnership with Brighton University, I was hired as a designer and developer to create A virtual online education platform. The the concept was an online town populated with people and different medical case studies for nursing students to use in class.

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