Sculpting fitness

I worked with a Personal Trainer to create a new fitness brand that allowed them to reach new clients and expand into new service that they offer. The brand is designed to inspire movement and create a statement.


Inital sketchs trying to think about illustrations for the brand

Creating a visual language

To begin with, we started by working on the brands basic identity - creating alternative logos and ensuring the brand works on a range of mediums.

FitnessSculpt2 FitnessSculpt3 FitnessSculpt4

Digital developement

As the business developes, we are working on developing a website that introduces clients to the range of services that Fitness Sculpt offers, including one-to-one fitness sessions, a fitness app and personalised meal plans.

FitnessSculpt FitnessSculpt2 FitnessSculpt3

First draft website deisgn that will highlight the range of services


Alternative logo used at the fitness apps icon.

The Reader

While at univeristy I was lucky enough to win a book cover design competition wth Orion Books. This competiton was to design the 20th aniversiary book cover for the Reader. My final solution was to write a poem that was carved out of wood.

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