Veterans Raffle

Supporting mental health

It was a real honour to be brought on as a Brand Consultant for the Veterans Raffle run by the Y.E.S Society. The charity needed a new brand that allowed them to expand their audience. The brand had to portray the charity’s ideals and aspirations in supporting veterans with mental health conditions.

Bring us all together

To establish the brand, we started by identifying the charity’s unique core values. From here we curated a symbolic logo that works as a foundation for the brands language.

Veterans Raffle logo progression Veterans Raffle logo guide Veterans Raffle brand guidelines cover Veterans Raffle brand guidelines pages

Veterans raffle brand guidelines

Expanding the audience

As part of our plan to develop the raffles brand, we worked on a number of different items including pull-up banner, social media assets and printed adverts.

Veterans Raffle pull up banner Veterans Raffle social media posts Veterans Raffle printed advert

Updating fashion

Box 2 was one of my first large clients that I have had the pleasure of working along side for over four years. In this time we have revamped the catalgoue design and worked on a number of different material including adverts, magazines, and catalgoues.

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