Updating fashion

box2 was one of the first large clients that I had the pleasure of working alongside for over four years. In this time, we have revamped the catalgoue design and worked on a number of different material including adverts, magazines, and catalogues.

Keeping customers engaged

Throughout the past four years, box2 has worked hard to find new ways of keeping connected with its customers and providing new content. We have worked hard together to ensure the box2 logo and brand identity remains consistent.

Box22 Box24

Phasellus at nulla eget mi rhoncus porttitor.

All year round

I design a new catalogue for box2 every month. We work hard to script and organise layouts within a short window. Our latest catalogue is being shipped to over 17,000 customers.

Slide Box2 2 Slide Box2 6 Box25

Layout spreads are designed to goup clothing styles and colour together


Sculpting fitness

I worked with a Personal Trainer to create a new fitness brand that allowed them to reach new clients and expand into new service that they offer. The brand is designed to inspire movement and create a statement.

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